Sunday, July 1, 2012


Pastel colors are, in my opinion, one of the many things that never go out of style. They're very girly and easy on the eyes since they are the lightest shade of a specific color, so they pretty much embody the 'innocent young girl' style. Whenever I think of pastel colored clothing, it reminds me of tea parties, castles, and pretending to be princesses - the highlight of every girl's childhood. They just about go with everything, most especially nude or neutral colors. With that being said, pastels are very easy to match with. The photo above is just one example of how I'd wear pastel colors; but of course, the way I wear it could be different to the way you would.

A lot of celebrities have been sporting pastel colors for the longest time, so the Easter Egg-inspired colors aren't exactly a 'new' trend. Pastel colors should be equally distributed throughout the whole outfit. Focus on one or two shades, then grab neutral colors (nude or white works best) to balance the complete look. I'll admit that's not exactly what I did with the look above (I went pastel crazy), but if it works, then I say go for it!

As for prints, floral works best for pastels, but only if you're going for that very dainty/girly look. Pastels can sometimes be taken out of its context, and used as a mediocre way of defining the word "pretty". I guess you could say they use pastels sarcastically? A lot of "teen witch" type of tumbleblogs use pastels that way.

Moving on, I took the liberty of scavenging LookBook for a couple more outfits that could serve as more examples, so before any of you guys start accusing Bea or I for stealing, I'd like to give full credits to the owner of the following photos. I'd like to add that they're very lovely photos as well, but without further ado, here they are.

My personal favorite is the very first look. It's very hip and kind of edgy in a girly way, so kudos to Chloe T. for an amazing outfit! I love love love her shoes and the socks she paired with it. I wish it would just pop up in my closet... *dreamy sigh* Well anyway, that's about it! 'Til the next post! :)

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