Sunday, July 1, 2012

BAND OF THE MONTH: Native Roses ♡

L-R: James, Jessica, Moses, Jacob

Rising from the ashes that was Modern Fighting Vehicles, Native Roses has been one of my very few favorite bands since I first discovered them late last year, if I'm not mistaken. One of the very few ensembles equipped with not only raw and amazing talent, the band is also graced by four of the nicest musicians to walk this planet. They're quite witty too, judging by their answers in the short interview we conducted through e-mail, but more on that later.

Whenever my friends ask me for new songs/artists/bands they could have a listen to, the first thing that almost always escapes my lips are the following words: "Listen to Native Roses. You won't regret it." Regardless of whether these people listen to Mumford & Sons or Nicki Minaj, my answer is always the same.

Quoting their website"Native Roses has swelled its ranks with such darlings as Jessica and Jasmine (aka Birdy), who has subsequently landed a great solo recording contract with Atlantic." Which is funny, really, because I discovered them through Birdy (Moses' younger sister who is also one of my favorite artists). I'll admit I was having second thoughts about giving them a listen at first, but they proved to be worth a listen.

Their sound could be described as a mixture of folk, pop, and rock, so it's hard not to want to sing along in your bedroom with a hairbrush for a microphone as their music plays at the highest volume. Don't deny it, because I know I would.  Here, have a sample of their EP and tell me - HOW CAN YOU NOT RESIST SINGING ALONG TO THAT?

The members, aka James (who I've likened to know as the fuzzy teddy bear with an unsurprisingly relaxing voice), Jessica, Moses, and Jacob plus the rabbit are definitely ones to watch. I'm excited to see how big they become this year and I'm definitely willing do whatever it takes to help get their name out there. They deserve all the attention they're getting and more. With all the combined talent they have, I'm convinced they're set to become something big. Native Roses is unique, and not a single one of their songs have been a let down so far. I can't wait to hear more of their future songs, but anyway, here's the short interview I was talking about earlier. My love for this band multiplied after I read their answers. They keep things short and sweet... and not to mention funny.

1.   Tell us about yourself/your band/group.
Native Roses are Jacob, James, Jessica and Moses and we are a blend of Brighton flavoured Folk, Pop and Rock.
2.   How did you start?
With some instruments, a Bird, a Pigeon and bucket load of noise that sounded like it could one day be an album.
3.   How would you describe your sound?
We spend so much time making it we find it very difficult to say. It's big, rhythmic and stuffed full of harmonies. If you tweet @NativeRosesUK on or after July 2nd we'll send you our latest single for free and you can decide for yourself.
4.   Who is/are your musical inspiration/s?
David Bowie, Dr Dre, JJ Cale, The Police and the top ten R&B songs from the 90's.
5.   Why did you choose to go into the music industry?
When we were kids it seemed like the best way to get chicks. Now we're older it's the only thing we're good at.
6.   What makes you different from all the other musicians?
There's a rabbit in our band.
7.   Tips for aspiring musicians?
Don't have a rabbit in your band.
8.  How did you come up with the name?
It's the name of a painting by Brett Whiteley. His paintings are completely wild, indescribable. It was like there was a hurricane in his imagination. We have a book in our house that's got some crazy stuff in it and it's called Native Rose.
9.   Anything else?
Thanks for having us! X X X X 
They were also nice enough to send us a photo that apparently no one else has (and it has the rabbit in it too). It's a really adorable photo. Have a look yourself!

And that's about it! If you liked them, please do at least one of the following to show your support for them! Thanks!
Oh and before I go, here's a quick video of 'Colours' which is my favorite song of theirs. Birdy sings in this song as well. It was before she got signed to her label. :) Enjoy!


  1. I love the Native Roses,they're just filled with pure talent!!!! I just know they'll be so big in the near future.. thanks for featuring them! <3 <3

  2. really loved the band :) they are awesome, loved your blog too btw


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