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BLOGGER: Patricia Prieto ☮

Eclectic, aesthetic, bold, unparalleled. These are the words that could describe Patricia Prieto's simple, yet daring style. A woman of her own league, she rises up amongst the youth today and serves as an inspiration to young fashion bloggers or would-be icons of this generation.

Patricia Prieto is a face well-known to the Philippine fashion industry. While her sister, Pauline Prieto, is a muse to Filipino fashion designers, Patricia strikes a similar chord, although through her own ways. Studying at the School of Fashion and the Arts, she works as a freelance stylist and fashion designer. Along with her blog that is a major hit amongst many young people in the country, she made a big impact on the scene today. We interviewed her on questions we are dying to know the answers to, and she even gave us tips as well!

     1.    Tell us about yourself and your blog. 
I'm Patricia Prieto. A 21 year old full time blogger and stylist. A part time model and student. A soon to be designer and a lover of life. My blog is a place where I can express my thoughts on things that I love which are fashion, music, art, traveling and everything in between.
2.    When did you get into fashion? 
For as long as I can remember I've been a huge fan of fashion. From picking my own clothes since I was a toddler to sketching clothes and all that jazz.
3.    How long have you been blogging? 
I've been blogging for about three years now and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!
4.    Who is/are your fashion icon/s? 
My fashion icons would have to be Sienna Miller, Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, The Olsen Twins, Kaya Scodelario and Karlie Kloss.
5.    Name one fashion item you own that you can’t live without. 
I most definitely cannot live without a black pair of pumps. I swear, I won't know what do without them! HAHA
6.    What is your favorite fashion trend? 
I'm definitely into the whole color blocking kind of thing as well as the sheer tops and inner wear as outer wear. I know I named a lot but narrowing this down to three was already hard!
7.    Where do you get inspiration for your outfits? 
When I want to figure out what to wear, I opt to browse through blogs, magazines as well as music. These things really play such a huge part when it comes to the things I wear.
8.    What are the pros and cons of being a fashion blogger? 
I love the fact that it gives me a reason to dress up BUT what I loathe is that even on my lazy days I need to dress up, HAHA Ironic right? How I wish I could go out of my house without makeup, in a tank top, shorts and flip flops!!
9.    Who usually takes your photos? 
My mum takes my photos unless stated otherwise!
10.   What opportunities has being a fashion blogger given you? 
I'm not into talking about these things BUT blogging has got me things and taken me places I never thought I'd ever be able to experience!! What a whirlwind actually.
11.   Any tips/advice for aspiring fashion bloggers? 
I know I say this over and over again but you REALLY need to be passionate about it. Like, don't blog because you want to get noticed or you want all these things. Blog because you want to accomplish something and get something across.
12.   Anything else you would want to add for the Synergy Online readers? 
(I'm super speechless now, hahahahaha)!!
We asked her to send us her favorite pictures of herself, since we couldn't pick one! Here are a few that showcases  her style that ranges from simple to daring.

(credits to Patricia Prieto at

If you love Patricia as much as we do, please do support her! Check out her blog and other links, and send her your sweet messages :)

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