Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Time for the monthly playlist! This month's theme is house music, or party music as we know it generally. Whether you're at a club/party with a bunch of friends, or feeling like taking your mind off of stress by blasting on some music that you can dance to, I feel like this is the perfect playlist for you. Just some of my favorite party songs that will make you feel alive even at the break of dawn. Don't forget to support the singers by buying or downloading their music. Get ready to dance the night away!

(Warning: some tracks may include explicit language)

Monday, August 13, 2012


All these photos were found on Tumblr. Credits and a round of applause go to the people who took these wonderful photos.

Friday, August 10, 2012

WISHLIST: Chicwish ♡

  1. Nude Asymmetric Waterfall Dress - $62.90 BUY
  2. Starry Twisted Back Dress - $49.90 BUY
  3. Necklace de Plume - $18.90 BUY
  4. Woven Wedge - $49.90 BUY
  5. Indian Spirit Turquoise Bracelet - $16.90 BUY
  6. Buck and Forth Earrings - $9.90 BUY
  7. Galaxy Asymmetric Waterfall Chiffon Skirt - $49.90 (sold out)
  8. Crochet Cut Off Top - $39.90 BUY
  9. Mint Double Breast Blazer - $59.90 BUY
  10. Laidback Artist Waterfall Dress in Off-white - $49.90 BUY
  11. Rose Skull Necklace - $14.90 BUY
  12. Rivets Hairband - $15.90 BUY
  13. Hollywood Style Sunglasses - $19.90 BUY
  14. Crystal Daisy Decor Skirt - $44.90 BUY
Here's a quick list I put together of things I'd buy off of Chicwish if I had the money. Some of them are a bit overpriced, but at least the shipping's free! If you liked any of these and are able to afford them, go right ahead and buy them to make me jealous! I wish I could just snap my fingers and they'd appear right into my closet, but the world doesn't work that way (unfortunately).

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 Things I Like Right Now ☮

This idea was taken from this blog!

  • Tea - The rainy weather made me crave for something hot. I prefer tea over hot chocolate and coffee, and I like it with milk and a packet of sweetener. Just the way it should be.
  • Topshop studded loafers - I saw these in the mall the other day and I was salivating over them, they're too gorgeous! It's stylish and I heard it's really comfortable too, so it's worth the money. Nina and I are planning to buy a matching pair, since one comes in baby pink!
  • A new camera - I need a better quality camera, so I could take better pictures. With my dad as a professional photographer, I don't know why I don't have a good one! (And since my parents are avid readers of Synergy, birthday gift please?)
  • Gavin Degraw: Not Over You - This song has been my favorite for a long time now, and when I introduced this song to my mother during our US summer trip, it's been our song ever since. The heartbreaking lyrics are just so relatable, and when I stumbled upon this cover a few days ago, it has been in my head ever since. 

  • Pastel Colored Macaroons - I love all things pastel, and I love the taste of macaroons, so two in one is just the perfect match. It gives me a feel of my dream destination: Paris. I'm currently craving for some right now, and I think it's the perfect treat for a sweet tooth like me.
  • Malia Carter - Malia is just the sweetest person ever. We featured her in Synergy, check it out here. I have been obsessed with her blog! All her drawings are immensely creative, and she is just an artistic genius. I love her to bits, so please support her blog Deep Fried Freckles!
  • Uniqlo Lounge Pants - My mom went home from her trip to Taiwan last week, and she bought me these comfy lounge pants. They're baggy on top and real tight on the bottom, but they're the comfiest lounge pants I've ever owned. She bought me these pants in black, and I'm planning to go to Uniqlo in MOA to buy it in all colors!
  • Braids - I love having my hair in braids. My best friend is the expert on braiding, and just for fun, she braids my hair in school. I love her for doing that! Also, braids are a creative way of styling your hair. They're cute, easy, and stylish.
  • Jack Johnson - He dominates my chill playlist now. With songs like Good Together, Banana Pancakes and Situations, you'll know that his soothing voice will take you places.
  • Oversized Sweaters - My ultimate comfort tool will always be oversized sweaters. With the chilly weather prevailing, I've been wearing these whenever I get the chance. They give me a sense of warmth that substitutes for a cuddle buddy.
Credits to Malia and Pinterest for the pictures!

MUSIC: Overexposed by Maroon 5 ☮

Overexposed by Maroon 5 has been "overplayed" in my house ever since I could get my hands on it. I've always been an avid fan of Maroon 5 since Songs About Jane first came out, and She Will Be Loved is still (in my opinion) a household anthem up to this day.

I love this band not only because of their frontman - ultimate eye-candy and fit rocker Adam Levine, but because this band never fails to deliver music that speaks to your soul. Although the band decided to wander down a different route this time around - with the playful pop-centric genre blasting in your ear - they still managed to put out a solid album that deserves to be listened to.

Admittedly, not all of the songs made it to my favorites list, but here are the songs I feel are at the top of their game:

One More Night

  • The album started with this catchy song, and pretty soon it wouldn't leave my head! All of the "oohs" at the start already had me going.
  • FAVORITE LINE: Baby there you go again, there you go again, making me love you
  • BONUS FEATURE: The video is incredibly captivating, with Adam Levine portraying a hot father who plays boxing. His skills may not be up to par, but can you resist his charm? 

Payphone (featuring Wiz Khalifa)
  • This song may be way too mainstream by now, as it is being played in the radio over and over again. Being the band's lead single, this song is catchy, filled with heartbroken lyrics to echo everyone's pain. Wiz Khalifa raps up the bridge, bringing a whole pop twist to the usual gritty edge of the band. Still a good song for me!
  • BONUS FEATURE: The music video has car chases, explosions, a beautiful blonde and a handsome man, complete with pyrotechnics at the background. The story's bland, but then again, it's the song that counts. 
  • FAVORITE LINE: Even the sun sets in paradise


  • One of my favorites, and the chorus is just breathtaking. The drums bring out a some sort of Ryan Tedder feel, and the "oohs" in the chorus mimic the great Chris Martin, someone I absolutely love. This is a sweet, mid-tempo track that keeps me longing for more.
  • FAVORITE LINE: The sky is getting back, the stars are burning out, somebody slow it down
The Man Who Never Lied
  • Adam portrays himself as "the good guy" in the song, stating that, to put it bluntly, he was the man who never lied. The energy in this song is undeniable, with a memorable hook to have it stuck in my head. This track is one of the most memorable for me, since I usually go after the catchiest ones, and this goes to the top in my book. 
  • FAVORITE LINE: I just couldn't break your heart like you did mine yesterday
Love Somebody
  • This track screams POP all over, and is probably Maroon 5's most pop influenced song today. It's a song that would most likely be heard in clubs all around the world, giving you the feeling of just dancing your emotions away. It starts off slow, building up to an anthemic chorus. Although Maroon 5 is known for it's rough edge, this pop song is still a great one. 
  • FAVORITE LINE: But if I fall for you, I'll never recover/ If I fall for you, I'll never be the same and I know we're only halfway there but you'll take me all the way, you'll take me all the way
  • As stated in the title, this song defines the word "sad". It's simple, with just the piano keys accompanying the song, as well as sincere.  Even though this ballad doesn't surpass the ultimate success of Sunday Morning or Just A Feeling, this is still a note-worthy track with lyrics that showcases the band's vulnerability.
  • FAVORITE LINE: Oh but I'm scared to death that there may not be another one like this/And I confess that I'm only holding on by a thin, thin thread
Beautiful Goodbye
  • Easily one of my favorites on the album. Such a feel good song, with the guitar strings giving it such a happy mood. The chorus gets me singing the song over, and over, and over again. The bittersweet message and the happy-go-lucky melody could have been on any previous record they let out, and it proves to be a classic one by now.
  • FAVORITE LINE: And I remember your eyes were so bright/When I first met you, so in love that night
Wipe Your Eyes
  • A track on the deluxe edition, I believe this song should've been part of the original album tracklist. The eerie melody at the start got me confused, but as it kept going on, it harmoniously brings the song together. It's a wonderful addition to the song, and the lyrics are just perfect. The heavy chorus does it for me, as I feel like Adam's pouring his heart and soul onto the song, which is what a true musician should convey.
  • FAVORITE LINE: Tonight before you fall asleep, I'll run my thumb across your cheek/Cry 'cause I'm here to wipe your eyes
It's a complete shame that I won't be able to see this legendary band live here in Manila, but to all those who are going, have fun and send my love! 

Support Maroon 5 and buy OVEREXPOSED on iTunes!

PLAYLIST: Happy Days ♡

Just a quick playlist I threw together for you guys. There are only 5 songs, but it's enough to fight those days when the doom and gloom are close to taking over. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, and remember - support the artists you find below by buying their EPs/albums/whatnot if you like them!

  1. A Little Thing Called Love - Misty Miller
  2. Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson
  3. I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill
  4. Perfect - LIGHTS
  5. Uncharted - Sara Bareilles

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Relief Operations ☮

Everyone in the country knows what's happening; it's hard to be ignorant. The least we can do is help, and here's how:

(Santuario de San Antonio is located in Makati City)

#RescuePH - From Globe Telecom:

For those who want to extend their help for the flood victims, the Philippine Red Cross are now accepting donations.

To donate via your Globe phone, text RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899. To donate via GCASH, text DONATE <space> AMOUNT <space> 4-digit M-PIN <space> REDCROSS to 2882.
(Credits to everyone who made the posters)

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