Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 Things I Like Right Now ☮

This idea was taken from this blog!

  • Tea - The rainy weather made me crave for something hot. I prefer tea over hot chocolate and coffee, and I like it with milk and a packet of sweetener. Just the way it should be.
  • Topshop studded loafers - I saw these in the mall the other day and I was salivating over them, they're too gorgeous! It's stylish and I heard it's really comfortable too, so it's worth the money. Nina and I are planning to buy a matching pair, since one comes in baby pink!
  • A new camera - I need a better quality camera, so I could take better pictures. With my dad as a professional photographer, I don't know why I don't have a good one! (And since my parents are avid readers of Synergy, birthday gift please?)
  • Gavin Degraw: Not Over You - This song has been my favorite for a long time now, and when I introduced this song to my mother during our US summer trip, it's been our song ever since. The heartbreaking lyrics are just so relatable, and when I stumbled upon this cover a few days ago, it has been in my head ever since. 

  • Pastel Colored Macaroons - I love all things pastel, and I love the taste of macaroons, so two in one is just the perfect match. It gives me a feel of my dream destination: Paris. I'm currently craving for some right now, and I think it's the perfect treat for a sweet tooth like me.
  • Malia Carter - Malia is just the sweetest person ever. We featured her in Synergy, check it out here. I have been obsessed with her blog! All her drawings are immensely creative, and she is just an artistic genius. I love her to bits, so please support her blog Deep Fried Freckles!
  • Uniqlo Lounge Pants - My mom went home from her trip to Taiwan last week, and she bought me these comfy lounge pants. They're baggy on top and real tight on the bottom, but they're the comfiest lounge pants I've ever owned. She bought me these pants in black, and I'm planning to go to Uniqlo in MOA to buy it in all colors!
  • Braids - I love having my hair in braids. My best friend is the expert on braiding, and just for fun, she braids my hair in school. I love her for doing that! Also, braids are a creative way of styling your hair. They're cute, easy, and stylish.
  • Jack Johnson - He dominates my chill playlist now. With songs like Good Together, Banana Pancakes and Situations, you'll know that his soothing voice will take you places.
  • Oversized Sweaters - My ultimate comfort tool will always be oversized sweaters. With the chilly weather prevailing, I've been wearing these whenever I get the chance. They give me a sense of warmth that substitutes for a cuddle buddy.
Credits to Malia and Pinterest for the pictures!


  1. How much are the Topshop loafers? :)

  2. Hmmmm. ate nina and ate bea. :) I really really like this idea.Can I also put this idea on my blog? I promise I'll put credits. pleaaase? :) xx

  3. Mikha: Around P2,000+!

    Ana: Sure thing :)

  4. Very cool list! I was just wondering how do the Uniqlo lounge pants fit? I wear their denim in a 26 and online that's equivalent to an XS for the lounge bottoms...


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