Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FEATURED: Katie Sky ♡

Meet Katie Sky (that is, if you haven't already) - a fantastic artist I discovered through this video. Her cover of Better Together by Jack Johnson was the soundtrack to it, and I never really bothered to google her at first, but after watching the video again a couple of days later, I got curious. I'm pretty glad I did too, because Katie has proved to be one of my favorite top artists ever. The fact that she doesn't have to force her voice to sound really pretty makes all the more special. Her high-pitched voice is so effortlessly beautiful, much like the person she is. She makes sure to respond to all her fans on twitter and though that may seem like a small thing, it means a lot to her fans. I'd know. I freaked out when she followed me.
Anyway, not that it matters, but Katie is soooooooooo cute. I can't even handle it! Haha. If you watch her videos on Youtube, it's apparent how much she enjoys what she does. She's not just singing words off a paper, she's truly performing. There's a difference between just singing and actually performing a song. I'm looking forward to being able to see her live in the near future. Katie Sky live in the Philippines doesn't sound too far away. At the rate of how much attention she's already gaining, Katie's going to sell out arenas and stadiums pretty soon.

Think I'm exaggerating? Listen to her single and if it doesn't make you want to dance/squee with joy, then I owe you a cookie and a sad puppy award.

We were lucky enough to be able to interview her before she got too famous and hard to contact so without further ado, here it is! :)

1. Tell us about yourself.
Hi :) My name's Katie, I'm very loud and i talk all the time. I drink about 15 cups of tea a day and i wear ridiculously colourful jumpers from charity shops. Music is my life and i intend for that to NEVER change!

2. How did you start?
Well me and my 2 sisters used to do 3-part harmonies whilst we were washing up to make the time pass quickly lol! I guess i was about 9 years old then. I wrote my 1st song when i was 14 and recorded it on a tape! My, How technology has changed haha!

3. How would you describe your sound? 
I would describe my sound as catchy pop with a soul :) I don't want my songs to be plastic pop with lyrics that don't really mean anything. I always want each one of my songs to mean something different to me, i want them to be real, genuine and HONEST.

4. Who is/are your musical inspiration/s? 
I get my inspiration from so many artists, it would be hard to name all of them but here are a few - Robyn, Marina and the Diamonds, Eliza Dolittle, Corrine bailey Rae, Natasha Bedingfield and Regina Spektor.

5. Why did you choose to go into the music industry?
I didn't really choose it as such. I've always wanted to do music, and to have a team of people around you, believing in your music and helping you achieve all your dreams, you wouldn't wanna be anywhere else but in the music industry!
6. What makes you different from all the other musicians? 
I guess im different in that i will never act like a big pop star, no matter what, i never want to become a diva! Some of my followers on twitter tweet me things like "You're my idol!" and i tell them all the time that i'm just human, I'm just the same as them, we are all equal :)

7. Tips for aspiring musicians?
Keep song writing! And doing loads of gigs, even if its open mic nights (I've done SO many of them!). The more you perform, the better you'll get and the more you'll grow as a musician :)

If you like Katie, please support her by doing at least one of the following:
She also has a couple of free covers up on her official site so just check it out! To Katie, if you're reading this - on behalf of Synergy Online, I want to let you know that we will always be here to support you in whatever you do and we'll always be fans. We love you and can't thank you enough for allowing us to interview you. Kisses!

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