Friday, October 19, 2012


Just a quick post on what to wear this season! Although our country only experiences two seasons, I think there's nothing wrong with incorporating western style into our daily fashion choices! It's also adequate since most of the foreign shops in our country bring in their clothes per season, and I'm sure that fall - excuse my mediocre pun - falls during the month of October.

These outfit posts are simple, and I let go of the accessories. It's purely up to you to figure out to accessorize, since the clothes are classic and plain, yet practical and stylish all the same.

One of the staples for fall is the ever trusted cardigan. A printed one can draw attention to your plain outfit, and detailed flats add spunk as well. The ever trusted white t-shirt and black skinny jeans combo works well too, since if it gets too hot, you can just take off the cardigan and look effortlessly classic.
Inspired by my recent Baguio trip, I took notice of the cold weather and considered it when making this set. The printed pants provide excitement to an what might've been a boring outfit. The color palette is my favorite, with maroons, tans, and browns to make it up. You could do without the scarf if you want, but it acts as an extra accessory as well.

This is my favorite out of the three, since you can wear it anytime! The dress has both formal and casual functions. In the case of being casual, adding a knitted sweater makes you look cozy yet natural. It's warm, fresh, and girly too.

With all the warm hues, these cozy and comfy outfits pave the way for the winter season. It makes me want to drink hot chocolate all of a sudden!

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