Monday, October 22, 2012

BUENAVIDA (ICA Fair 2012) Best Dressed

Laura Lee

Selena Jao
Louisa Ong

Nikki Cham
Last October 20 2012, Julia invited Angel and I to her school fair. We ended up going around, photographing random people à la street style/The Sartorialist. There was a dress code, so we applaud these girls for making the most out of it. I do apologize for the lousily taken photos as the lighting was pretty dim that night. :)

Take a tip or two from their outfits above. It's perfect for casual fridays at school or events with a dress code. Their outfits are simple and enable them to do a lot of activities without being uncomfortable, but still stylish. Isn't that the kind of outfit we all dream of?

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