Friday, September 14, 2012

FEATURED: Your Evil Twin ☮

Meet the twins behind Your Evil Twin: Tracianne and Trasienne, an alluring and whimsical duo. Their love for ethnic culture, raw materials, and natural beauty comes out in their photographs.

Their official website quotes:
The persistence of sensual pleasure intertwined with intimate memories and a decidedly pop culture aesthetic shines through in the film photographs of twins Tracianne and Trasienne. Gifted with an eye for all things unconventionally beautiful, these two sisters capture the moments we take for granted through their trusty analog cameras, providing a visual feast for their viewers, who sit tightly waiting for the next set of photographic dreams to materialize.

The idiosyncrasies of their minds come together through the photos. Incorporating old-school realism to bring out the object's natural beauty, they make photography seem effortless. Who knows, maybe for them, it is. They've photographed a few famous models in the Philippines, and have traveled the world, savoring each moment through the lens. With the use of classic polaroids, they managed to capture the sincerity of photos in an instant - no pun intended. We've had the privilege to interview them about their photography style, their favorite subjects, and the like. Take a look!

1. Tell us about yourselves and your blog.
Hi we're an and en, a photography duo from manila. Our photo blog reeks of melancholic and nostalgic photos of ourselves, places and girls we love. Check it out :)
2. When did you get into photography?
I think it all started when we got ourselves a disposable camera when we were kids.
3. How long have you been taking photos?
Since forever, we always have a camera with us when we travel. But professionally, 2010.

4. Who is/are your fashion icon/s?
Alexa Chung and Bambi Norwood Blyth
5. Describe your own style.
Music Fest Best, effortless, unassuming

6. What kind of camera/s do you use?
Film Cameras- Yashieca, Contax, Nikon 

7. Where do you get inspiration for your photos?
Homemade videos, polaroids from the early 70's 

8. What makes a good photo?
How it makes you feel. We generally like photos that are raw yet powerful.
9. What opportunities has being a photographer given you?
 Meeting our idols from the art and fashion industry 

10. What has been your favorite place to take photographs in so far?
 In bed

11. What is your dream place to take photographs?

12. Who is your dream person/company you would want to have a shoot with?
Daisy Lowe 

13.  Can you give us a couple of songs that would describe the concept behind your photographs?
Nostalgic songs ranging from Mayer Hawthorne to Best Coast.

14. Any tips/advice for aspiring bloggers/photographers?
 Just enjoy the ride :)  

15. Anything else?
Thanks Bea and Nina for featuring us :) 

Check out some of their photos and fall in love the way I did!

(Credits to Your Evil Twin's tumblr and website)

Send Your Evil Twin some love on their tumblr and official website

Fall in love, feel nostalgic, experience raw and natural beauty through their photographs ♡


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